Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unsere Schule

Wir wissen schon das die amerikanische und deutsche Schulen unterschiedlich sind. Wie ist das in deiner Schule? Beschreib deine Schule... die Fächer, die Lehrer, die Klassen, die Schüler, usw.

Dakota, Taylor, & Jayme



  1. Hallo.
    Euer Video ist sehr schön.
    Ich mag sport sehr gerne. Aber ich spreche auch sehr gerne Englisch.
    Euer Deutsch ist schon sehr gut!
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland =)

  2. after school, (summer) i go outside or I eat something

  3. Ich finde es intressant, dass ihr alle mit dem Auto zur Schule kommt. In Deutschland kommen fast alle it dem Bus oder Fahrrad oder werden von ihren Eltern gefahren.

    I think it's very intressting that all of you drive on our own to school with your car. in germany most of the students get to school by bus, bike or my parents drive me to school.

  4. well we dont start driving until we turn 16 years old. i walk to school when it is warm.

  5. Howdy y'all! Thank you all very much for the comments I really appreciate the feed back and most of us don't drive ourselves to school like myself because I don't have my liscence like most people my age we just didn't know how to say our parents drive us to school until now! :D so thank you very much! Wie gehts die Huete?!

  6. Danke. It was very nice for you ro say our video was pretty. Also, I get a ride from my dad in the morning. Most of my friends also get a ride from their parents or have another type of transportation they could use to get to school.