Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unsere Schule

Wir wissen schon das die amerikanische und deutsche Schulen unterschiedlich sind. Wie ist das in deiner Schule? Beschreib deine Schule... die Fächer, die Lehrer, die Klassen, die Schüler, usw.

Ammon H Aaron B, & Eric R


  1. i think doing sport is good but tell more about what are your favourite football player/team

  2. We love Maths, too!! It's fun to hear you Americans speak German and you did a great job!!

  3. American Football isn't very popular in Germany because Germans are not good in playing American Football...
    Soccer is a much bigger deal

  4. Thanks for commenting i agree soccer is better than american football and if your still wondering my favorite team is chelsea and my favorite player is Fernando Torres

  5. yeah... the football season here is already over.

  6. Hii =)
    ich bin mir nicht sicher ob ihr mich versteht wenn ich deutsch rede or if you understand when i'm talking english =D
    Sooo i think im talking english xD
    ehm ...
    what should i tell you ?
    After school i go to dancing classes, to the choir and to piano lessons. And i'm learning guitar by myself.
    At Weekends i love to meet my friends , we go shopping, talking a much =D go to Partys or just hanging out together ^^
    You see i have a lot to do =D
    oh ... and maybe i learn a little bit for school between those activitys ... a little litte litte bit xD
    ok ... jetzt weiß ich nicht mehr was ich schreiben soll...
    ciao und liebe Grüße