Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Extra Curricular Activities

Besides going to class what things do students do at your school? What sports, clubs, and other before and after school activities are available at your school? What

Look at the school websites help you get some ideas.




  1. Tag! Ich bin Taylor. Ich spiele Softball nach der shule. Ich finde Softball Super! Und Ich spiele Soccer nicht.

  2. After school I go twice a week swimming in a spors club. In summer I go on Wednesday mountain biking and I also have some flute lesson. I also like hanging out with my friends.

  3. hey
    ich gehe meistens nach der schule raus und unternehme was mit meinen Freunden.
    I usually go outside after school and do something with my friends.
    Montags habe ich Geigenstunde (violine lesson)
    und Donnertags tanze ich.